Injury Prevention


In medicine it is often spoken that “Prevention is better than a cure” and when it comes to injuries, we don’t see it any differently. While not all injuries are preventable, many can be predictable.

Research into injuries is something that has been developing over a long period of time and helps direct us towards the likelihood of injuries for a given population. We know females have a higher risk of ACL tears due to the anatomy of the pelvis, throwers and other overhead athletes have more shoulder injuries, gymnasts and fast bowlers in cricket have a greater chance of lumbar stress fractures.

So we can see that certain sports and populations have their own risk factors and even within an individual there are predictors for increased risk. Whether you want to look at strength, mobility, balance, activation or one of a few other factors – asymmetry or differences side-to-side in most populations can help us evaluate the potential for injury.

Injury Rehabilitation


How many people do you know who always sprain their ankle or tear a hamstring? Or even multiple dislocations of a shoulder or kneecap?

One of the best predictors of future injury is a previous injury to that tissue so an appropriate rehabilitation program is essential if you want to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Too often will someone wait for their pain to pass before returning to a sport or activity thinking that they’re ready to go but the pain can be just a result of inflammation which is the first step in the healing process and the functional deficits will remain unless rehabilitated.

It’s never too late to rehabilitate an old injury so let us take a look for you!

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Brenton JamesMelbourne, Australia

Brenton James

Melbourne, Australia

"Hands down one of the best. Over the years sports and weight training has caused me many niggles and tightness and Neil has been awesome in helping me. His release work is phenomenal and helped me rehab my shoulder really effectively. Would definitely recommend anyone needing treatment to visit Neil."

Chris HallMelbourne, Australia

Chris Hall

Melbourne, Australia

“Absolutely brilliant! Any niggle quickly fixed!”

Sylvia LokolloMelbourne, Australia

Sylvia Lokollo

Melbourne, Australia

“As a Personal Trainer incorporating martial arts training in my weekly program can be demanding on my body. I specifically have sports related injuries including back, neck and hip tightness that I need to manage on a daily basis. Neil massages me and helps me recover my muscles from tightness and restrictions from movement. He is always professional with an infectious smile. His friendly attitude and easy going personality makes him a well rounded therapist. I've recommended several of my clients to Neil and their feedback has also been positive. As a PT, it's great to have someone like Neil ...

Matthew RawnsleyFrankston, Victoria

Matthew Rawnsley

Frankston, Victoria

“Neil is a very knowledgeable and skilled myotherapist, he has helped me with a couple different injuries and is very thorough and attentive in his treatment.

If you're looking for an experienced myotherapist with a personable touch then Neil is your guy.”

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