Effective Sports Therapist in Frankston

For a full range of treatments for sports injuries and rehabilitation, sports therapist Neil Minto provides effective care.

Drawing on a range of musculoskeletal therapies, he targets the muscles, joints and tissues affected by pain. For a wide range of chronic and acute activity-related problems, Neil applies an effective sports therapy treatment model that corrects problems throughout the entire body.

We offer an in-depth approach to sports therapy

After taking note of your complete medical history, Neil undertakes a comprehensive assessment, which can include:

  • Static and dynamic postural assessment
  • Gait observation
  • Assessment of the spine
  • Connective tissue, peripheral joints and muscles
  • Clinical neurological and orthopaedic tests
  • Movement assessment

In doing so, we are positioned to offer you the best treatment for your body creating the best conditions for proper restoration and complete wellbeing.

Our Frankston therapist is adept at strengthening your body to avoid future pain and injury, taking notice of history and warning signs. Using our advanced techniques, we alleviate problems before they worsen, especially if the injury has been occurring across the course of the patient’s life.

When conducted on a regular basis, the assessment and consultations allow us to track your progress and constantly adjust and refine our techniques. .

We combine Myotherapy with other effective techniques

As your body heals, or if you contract a new injury, we will be able to provide differing treatments, in order to ensure your constant health and pain-free living.

  • Sports therapy
  • Soft tissue & myofascial techniques
  • Muscle energy
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Prescription of therapeutic exercises
  • Remedial massage
  • Dry needling
  • Nutrition advice
  • Electrotherapy
  • Thermal/cryo therapy

A trusted name in sports

Offering online and over-the-phone bookings for your convenience, Neil has attended to a wide range of sports-related injuries and dysfunctions in Frankston. Working with you, he builds a trusting relationship that allows us to attend to your pains no matter when they occur.

A qualified Myotherapist and sports therapist with years of experience, Neil is an expert in providing Myotherapy and remedial massage. He is ready to help you with dedicated and professional services.

If you find that you can’t get an appointment on a particular day, its likely Neil will be consulting from his other practice South Yarra Myotherapy.

Client Testimonials

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Brenton JamesMelbourne, Australia

Brenton James

Melbourne, Australia

"Hands down one of the best. Over the years sports and weight training has caused me many niggles and tightness and Neil has been awesome in helping me. His release work is phenomenal and helped me rehab my shoulder really effectively. Would definitely recommend anyone needing treatment to visit Neil."

Chris HallMelbourne, Australia

Chris Hall

Melbourne, Australia

“Absolutely brilliant! Any niggle quickly fixed!”

Sylvia LokolloMelbourne, Australia

Sylvia Lokollo

Melbourne, Australia

“As a Personal Trainer incorporating martial arts training in my weekly program can be demanding on my body. I specifically have sports related injuries including back, neck and hip tightness that I need to manage on a daily basis. Neil massages me and helps me recover my muscles from tightness and restrictions from movement. He is always professional with an infectious smile. His friendly attitude and easy going personality makes him a well rounded therapist. I've recommended several of my clients to Neil and their feedback has also been positive. As a PT, it's great to have someone like Neil ...

Matthew RawnsleyFrankston, Victoria

Matthew Rawnsley

Frankston, Victoria

“Neil is a very knowledgeable and skilled myotherapist, he has helped me with a couple different injuries and is very thorough and attentive in his treatment.

If you're looking for an experienced myotherapist with a personable touch then Neil is your guy.”